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888 Location Limousine Paris is specialized in limousine rentals, find the limousine you need in our agency! Reservation and information on 06 45 37 32 29 or contact form, several limousine rental packages offered at very competitive price!

limousine rental at 888 Location Limousine Paris  is a guaranteed souvenir. We offer a professional rental service with a driver in suit tie at your disposal who will be happy to open the door for you at each departure and each stop

limousine rental ,All opportunities are good!

To spend a dream and exceptional moment in Parislimousine rental is what you need! Indeed, renting a limousine with driver provides a magical and unique moment of unparalleled pleasure! Enjoy a luxurious vehicle while strolling around Paris, on the Champs Elysées and the most beautiful places of Paris with a glass of champagne in hand, unlimited softs and a 300 Watt super-sound to perfect the atmosphere.

Become the star by renting one of our prestigious vehicles on a  Paris By Night, a day, your birthday , your bachelor party or bachelorette party (we offer limousine rental with striptease!),or why not rent a limousine for your wedding ,The best day of your life? You can also rent a limousine for an airport transfer, night club transfer.


If you will go to the airport and you don’t know who to trust to get there, limousine rental offers daily 24/7/365 airport car services. Our dispatchers validate your flight itinerary and always monitor your inbound flights for any delays.

Limousines for birthdays:
5% discount on the total price? Or balloon decoration? Or a bottle of champagne in addition?
It is up to you to choose the one you choose as your birthday gift.

Limousines for children’s parties:
Kids already know that the limo ride is one of the coolest things in life.  Taking a ride with friends or arriving at any destination by limousine car is a sensation.  Children are welcome with a bottle of champagne for children and balloons.

Limousines for wedding ceremonies:
A special day with a special offer. Extend your wedding day with our special offer to make it even more memorable.  Pay 4 hours rent and we offer 1 extra hour for free.
Limousines for bachelorette parties:
Surprise the celebrated and festive with an unforgettable limousine ride. If you want something spicier or juicier

Thanks from our satisfied customers

We thank our very many customers for their feedback of satisfaction on our limousine rental service val de marne 94, and we are committed to continue to give a high quality service and continuously improve it to stay at the top!!